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Discover Elgin: Best Elgin Day Trip Guide
June 28

Looking for a fun and easy escape from the hustle and bustle of Austin? Just a short 30-minute drive northeast, Elgin, Texas, offers a delightful day trip filled with history, charm, and various activities. Known as the "Sausage Capital of Texas" and home to picturesque landscapes, this small town packs a big punch for visitors of all ages. Here's your ultimate guide to making the most of a day trip to Elgin.

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Drive Now, Save Now: Texas Auto Center Makes Car Buying Easy Amid Rate Uncertainty
May 15

Texas Auto Center April 2024 BlogIn today's financial landscape, waiting for interest rates to drop before purchasing a new or used vehicle might seem sensible. However, with the ever-changing economic conditions and no solid guarantee of lower rates in the immediate future, Texas Auto Center (TAC) offers a compelling reason to reconsider. Our direct lending arm, TAC Acceptance Group, specializes in accommodating buyers from all credit backgrounds, ensuring you don't have to postpone your car buying plans.


Essential Checklist for Buying a Used Car in Austin
April 11

Texas Auto Center April 2024 BlogBuying a used car in Austin presents an excellent opportunity to explore the city and its outskirts without breaking the bank. Whether you're cruising down the vibrant streets of Downtown Austin, exploring the scenic routes around Lady Bird Lake, or planning a weekend getaway to the picturesque landscapes of San Marcos, finding the right vehicle is paramount. At Texas Auto Center, we understand the importance of reliability, affordability, and satisfaction in your car-buying journey. Here's a comprehensive checklist to guide you through selecting the perfect used vehicle that meets your needs.


Discover Austin's Top Pizza Spots with Your New Ride from Texas Auto Center
March 12

Texas Auto Center March 2024 BlogEmbarking on a culinary journey through Austin's vibrant pizza scene is an adventure best enjoyed with the freedom of your own vehicle. At Texas Auto Center, we're not just passionate about providing our customers with high-quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs; we're also big supporters of local Austin businesses. That's why we've rounded up a new list of our favorite local pizza places, perfect for a visit in your fresh ride from TAC. With fast approval for Austinites in need of a great used car, we make it easy for you to explore these delicious destinations.

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Discover the Best Pre-Owned Commuter Cars at Texas Auto Center
February 05

Texas Auto Center February 2024 BlogFinding the perfect commuter car is crucial, whether you're a professional navigating the bustling streets of Austin, a student commuting to Texas State University in San Marcos, or a small family planning weekend getaways. At Texas Auto Center, we understand the importance of having a reliable, efficient, and comfortable vehicle for your daily drives. Let’s explore some great pre-owned options that you can often find in our ever-changing inventory.


Top Winter Destinations to Explore Around Austin in Your Texas Auto Center Vehicle
January 11

Texas Auto Center Jan 2024 BlogWinter in Austin, TX, brings with it a unique charm. The mild climate makes it an ideal time to explore the area's scenic beauty and vibrant culture. If you've just purchased a used car from Texas Auto Center, it’s the perfect opportunity to take it for a spin to some of the best winter destinations around Austin. Let’s embark on a journey through the winter wonders that await you.


Top Used Cars for an Unforgettable Austin Winter Road Trip
December 06

Texas Auto Center Dec 2023 BlogAustin winters may not bring heavy snowfall, but the cooler temperatures and occasional frosty mornings create the perfect backdrop for a scenic road trip through Texas' hill country. At Texas Auto Center, we understand the call of the open road and have an assortment of vehicles suited for your winter journey.


Austin & San Marcos 2023 Holiday Events
November 02

Texas Auto Center Nov 2023 BlogAs the Texas winter breeze begins to sweep through our vibrant cities, Austin and San Marcos come alive with holiday festivities. From Cedar Park's shimmering oaks to the energetic streets of The Domain, there's a festive spirit that captivates both locals and visitors. For those of you planning to dive into these festivities, imagine pulling up in a reliable, economical vehicle from Texas Auto Center. It’s about more than just the journey; it’s about making memories along the way.


Savoring Austin’s Barbecue Legacy
October 06

Texas Auto Center Oct 2023 BlogAustin’s rich tapestry of flavors is best epitomized by its barbecue – a culinary tradition that sings tales of time, smoke, and passion. While we’ve previously shared some of our favorite BBQ spots in town, the list was far from exhaustive. There's a multitude of joints ready to tantalize your taste buds, and there’s no better way to explore them than in a reliable used car from Texas Auto Center. As you embark on this BBQ journey, let your senses dive deep into the essence of Texas. Today, we delve into three more iconic establishments that have carved a niche in Austin's barbecue lore.

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Driving Smart: The Value of Depreciation in Used Cars
September 14

Texas Auto Center Sept 2023 BlogHave you ever cruised down the iconic I-35 in Austin and noticed the staggering number of brand new vehicles? With each shiny new model, there's a significant price tag, not only in dollars but in depreciation. Many aren't aware that new cars can lose up to 20% of their value the moment they leave the dealership, and up to 50% within the first three years. So, for those driving around San Marcos Square or heading to Zilker Park in Austin for a weekend picnic, a used car often presents a smarter choice, giving more value for every dollar spent.

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Rev Up Your Fall 2023 with Exciting Events in Austin and San Marcos, TX
August 08

Texas Auto Center August 2023 BlogAs the temperature cools and the leaves begin to change, Austin and San Marcos transform into a hub of fall festivities. From music festivals to motor racing, there's a diverse range of events to enjoy. Why not take your used car from Texas Auto Center and embark on an unforgettable autumn journey?


Discover the Best Scenic Drives Around Austin, TX in Your Texas Auto Center Vehicle
July 07

Texas Auto Center July 2023 BlogAustin, Texas, is not only the state's capital but also a vibrant city that blends urban life with Texas charm. Known for its bustling music scene, rich history, and lush green spaces, Austin is also surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes in the Lone Star State. And what better way to explore these scenic views than from the comfort of a reliable and stylish vehicle from Texas Auto Center?


Beat the Heat: Top Swimming Spots to Visit Around Austin, TX
June 06

Texas Auto Center June 2023 BlogSummer is in full swing, and we all know how scorching it can get in Austin, TX. With your reliable and affordable used car from Texas Auto Center, explore some of the best swimming spots around Austin to keep cool and have a blast this season. From natural springs to pools and creeks, our city has something for everyone.

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Get Your Car Ready for Austin's Scorching Summer
May 10

Texas Auto Center May 2023 BlogAs an experienced used car dealership in Austin, TX, we at Texas Auto Center know a thing or two about preparing your vehicle for the long, hot Austin summer. With temperatures frequently soaring above 100°F, it's essential to take a few proactive measures to ensure your car remains in tip-top shape for those trips to Barton Springs, drives along Mopac, or weekend getaways to Lake Travis. Here are our top tips for getting your car ready for the intense Austin heat.


What to Look for When Buying a Used Car in Austin
April 04

Texas Auto Center April 2023 BlogAre you searching for your next used car in Austin? Texas Auto Center has some advice no matter what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a fuel-efficient compact to save while battling rush hour traffic on MOPAC or a bigger SUV to get all the kids to the next event at Zilker Park, there are some things to keep in mind when you’ve got a fresh ride in mind.


2023 Springtime Festivals in Austin
March 09

Texas Auto Center March 2023 BlogIt’s spring in Texas, time to enjoy some lovely outdoor weather before summer arrives. As the temperatures are mild, the festival calendar heats up in Austin. We’re looking forward to many different events this spring, including Austin’s amazingly eclectic music festivals. Here are some of our top picks to check out this spring. If you need a fresh ride to make it work, school, or your next festival, visit us at Texas Auto Center!


Our Favorite Local Lunches In Austin
February 06

Texas Auto Center February 2023 BlogAt Texas Auto Center, we work hard and we need a great lunch to get us through the day. We’re experts at getting you approved for a fresh ride, and we know a lot about where to find a great meal at lunchtime. If you need to get approved for a used car, visit one of our dealerships, and we’ll get to work for you. If you need a delicious lunch, try one of these great local spots!


Tax Season is Down Payment Season
January 09

Texas Auto Center January 2023 BlogIt’s January, and it’s time to look forward to tax season. I know, sounds strange, as doing taxes isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite pastime. If there’s a thought that can help you through doing your taxes, it’s using your down payment for a fresh ride from Texas Auto Center! That’s right, tax season is a great time to use your refund as a down payment on the vehicle you need to get around Austin or San Marcos!


Our Favorite Ice Cream Shops in San Marcos and Austin
December 09

Texas Auto Center December 2022 BlogIt’s December, and what better way to get into the winter mood than with ice cream? (Because the Texas weather probably is not going to cooperate on that.) We’re sharing our list of favorite places to get a sweet, cold treat this season. If you need a fresh, cool ride, then come to one of our Texas Auto Center locations in Austin or San Marcos!


San Marcos Holiday Events in 2022
November 07

Texas Auto Center November 2022 BlogThe temperature is finally cooling off and the holidays are approaching. We can’t be more excited at Texas Auto Center. There’s a lot to enjoy around San Marcos during the holidays, and we’re going to share the events we’re most excited about. If you need a fresh ride to make it to your next holiday event, get around town to shop, or pick up the Christmas tree, then see us at Texas Auto Center. We can get you approved today!


The Industry-Leading Texas Auto Center Warranty
October 17

Texas Auto Center October 2022 Blog Buying a used car could be a stressful experience, particularly if you’re worried that you’ll be on your own once you drive it off the lot. Let Texas Auto Center put those fears to rest with our Limited Warranty. We don’t leave you behind once you drive off, we stand behind the vehicles we sell. Let’s take a look at how the Texas Auto Center Limited Warranty is such a great value.


2022 Fall Events and Destinations in Austin
September 06

Texas Auto Center September 2022 BlogThe summer heat is (almost) over and Austinites are looking forward to fall. After a summer like this, it will be nice to see temperatures drop and enjoy some time outside that doesn’t involve a lot of perspiration. Texas Auto Center has some suggestions on where you can spend some quality time around town. If you need a fresh ride to get there, come see us at Texas Auto Center.


Advantages of Buying Used at a Dealer Instead of a Private Seller
August 04

Texas Auto Center August 2022 BlogBuying a car can be a hassle. The paperwork, the time, and the money required can be serious stressors. At Texas Auto Center, we strive to simplify the process for our customers, but the thought of going to a dealership to obtain a vehicle can be too much for some intenders, so much so that they may consider going through a private seller instead. Here are some great reasons why going through a dealership like Texas Auto Center for a used car is the better choice. Read on to find out more.


Austin 2022 Summer Festivals
July 07

Texas Auto Center July 2022 BlogIt’s a particularly hot summer in Austin, but that’s not going to stop the live music capital of the world from throwing some great summer festivals. Texas Auto Center is here with some of our favorites to round out the summer season. Need a fresh ride to get there? Come to Texas Auto Center and we’ll get you behind the wheel and on your way to one of these great events!


Trade-In Today with Texas Auto Center!
June 06

Texas Auto Center June 2022 BlogThe Texas heat has moved in and it’s time to think about trading in and trading up to a fresh ride around Austin and San Marcos. Where will you get a great value on your trade? Texas Auto Center! We’re a locally owned and operated used car dealership with multiple locations we need to keep stocked with fresh inventory, so we’re ready to deal for your trade.


Austin Summer Vacation Destinations
May 04

Texas Auto Center May 2022 BlogSummer is almost here and it’s time to think about that Texas heat and hitting the road for a relaxing vacation. At Texas Auto Center, we can’t do anything about the temperature, but we can get you into a fresh ride to carry you to some great places this summer. Our selection of used cars and SUVs is great for any family looking to beat the heat at the beach or anywhere the road takes you. If you need a few suggestions on where to go this summer, we’ve got you covered


Favorite BBQ Near Texas Auto Center
April 04

Texas Auto Center April 2022 BlogAustin loves its BBQ and everyone has their favorites. Texas Auto Center is no exception. We love to pop out for some hot brisket for lunch or after a long day. There’s no shortage of great places to get great-tasting smoked meats in Austin, these are a few of our favorites that are just a short drive away from our Central Texas used car dealerships. Get a fresh ride from Texas Auto Center and celebrate with some great BBQ!


Top Ways to Use Your Tax Refund
March 03

Texas Auto Center March 2022 BlogThe best part of paying taxes is expecting a refund. The good news is that the vast majority of Americans can expect a refund from Uncle Sam this year. Smartly deployed, a tax refund can go a long way to improve financial health. Texas Auto Center wants to share some smart ways that you can put your tax refund to work by investing in your financial future:


Great Concert Venues of Austin
February 02

Texas Auto Center February 2022 BlogAustin's official motto is “Live Music Capital of the World.” and at Texas Auto Center, we couldn’t agree more. Music and Austin are inseparable as live music is the lifeblood of the city. Since concerts, intimate or large, are a daily occurrence within city limits, it’s no wonder that Austin boasts some of the best venues west of Carnegie Hall. Texas Auto Center wants to share just a few of our favorites with you!


Winter Destinations Near Austin
January 11

Texas Auto Center January 2022 BlogWithin city limits, Austin is blessed with a galore of activities, events, and fun this winter. Its location within Central Texas means that much of the state is accessible within a reasonable trip by car or truck. Such is the beauty of its location that beautiful locations are easily within reach. Texas Auto Center has a handful of winter destinations where you can discover and enjoy the magnificence and wonder of our great state without straying too far from home.


Austin Holiday Road Trip Destinations
December 03

Texas Auto Center December 2021 BlogTexas Auto Center is proud to call Austin and San Marcos home. At the holidays, these thriving cities bustle with festive cheer and fun activities. We think there is nothing better than a short, happy holiday road trip within our region once you’ve got a fantastic deal on one of our high-quality pre-owned vehicles.


Best Slices Around Texas Auto Center
November 04

Texas Auto Center November 2021 BlogIf there’s an argument about food in Austin, it’s probably about BBQ, right? Well, that might be true a lot of the time, but everyone, everywhere, has a favorite pizza. Texas Auto Center is no different. When we’re not helping our customers get into a fresh ride, we’re passionate about our pizza. Here are a few of our favorite places to get a slice near our convenient Texas Auto Center locations.


Great Hiking Trails Near Texas Auto Center
October 20

Texas Auto Center October 2021 BlogFall has got to be one of the best times of the year in Texas. It’s cool but not cold, warm but not hot, it’s perfect for getting outside and heading out on a hike! We’ve got some gorgeous trails here in Central Texas, and some right around the corner from both of our Texas Auto Center locations. Here are some of our favorite spots to get out and enjoy nature!


Pre-Owned Minivans at Texas Auto Center
September 29

Texas Auto Center September 2021 BlogWhen you’ve got a lot of people to move, there’s nothing better than a minivan. These people-movers have been favorites of big families for decades, and it’s easy to see why! Parents love all of the seating, cargo space, and safety features, while kids love the rear captain chairs and entertainment options they offer. Perfect for road trips, soccer games, or just your everyday life, minivans are a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and spacious vehicle. Lucky for you, Texas Auto Center often stocks minivans and full-size vans at our Central Texas Buy Here Pay Here dealership.


Great Used Cars for Students
August 20

Texas Auto Center August 2021 BlogIt’s time to go back to school! Whether you’ve got a first-time driver that wants to drive to high school or you’re heading off to college for the first time and need reliable transportation to get you there, Texas Auto Center is a great place to find the perfect back-to-school car! We have hundreds of vehicles available, so you’re sure to find a ride that’s right for you!


10 Tips for Test Driving a Used Car
July 30

Texas Auto Center July 2021 Blog So, you’re looking for a top-quality pre-owned vehicle. You’ve done your homework, you’ve narrowed your search down to your dream car, and you’ve actually found what you’re looking for at a dealership. What’s next? The test drive! Well, hold on just a moment because here at Texas Auto Center, we know that people are excited to drive a car, truck or SUV for the first time, and they may forget to do some very important things before and during the drive.


How Many Miles Should a Used Car Have?
June 28

Texas Auto Center June 2021 Blog When you’re looking for a high-quality pre-owned car, truck, or SUV in Texas, there are few things to consider before you buy. One of the biggest things to consider on any pre-owned vehicle is the number of miles it has. The mileage can be a great indicator of the vehicle’s condition, but how do you know if a vehicle has good mileage or not? Lucky for you, Texas Auto Center has put together this handy guide to help you understand what mileage really means for a used car. We have a huge selection of low-mileage vehicles, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you find the right one for you.


Your Car is Worth More at Texas Auto Center!
May 27

Texas Auto Center May 2021 Blog Texas Auto Center has always been a Better Place to Buy a Car, but we’re also a better place to sell one too! Pre-owned value has skyrocketed, and we need vehicles just like yours to meet demand. If you’ve got a ride you’ve been thinking about selling, now is the absolute best time to do it!


Hit the Road with Your Dog!
April 23

Texas Auto Center April 2021 Blog There’s nothing better than hitting the open road and heading out on an adventure with your favorite pup! Traveling with dogs can be a great time, but there are a few things to consider to ensure your furry friend stays safe and comfortable. We love dogs at Texas Auto Center, so we’ve put together a few tips for traveling with a canine co-pilot!


Best Drive-Thrus Near Texas Auto Center
March 22

Texas Auto Center March 2021 Blog At Texas Auto Center, we’re proud to be a part of both the Austin and San Marcos communities. There’s nothing we love more than supporting local businesses, especially when it comes to food! If you’re looking for some local drive-thrus to hit up after you get a great deal on one of our high-quality pre-owned vehicles, just check out our list of favorites near our stores!


How to Change a Tire
February 24

Texas Auto Center February 2021 Blog At Texas Auto Center, we want all of our customers to stay safe on the road, and that starts with proper vehicle maintenance. One of the most important components of your vehicle to monitor and maintain are the tires. Properly inflated tires with good tread will increase your traction for shorter stopping distance and better maneuverability, while also increasing your fuel efficiency. If you need new tires or are looking for other maintenance tips, come see the experts in our service department! All that said, accidents do happen, however well-maintained your tires are. If you find yourself with a flat tire it is important to know how to properly change it. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide so you can learn the proper way to change your tire and stay safe!


Easy Ways to Improve Your Driving Habits in the New Year
January 21

Texas Auto Center January 2021 Blog The new year is here, and if you’re looking for some easy-to-keep resolutions, Texas Auto Center has you covered! We’ve put together a list of some simple steps you can take in 2021 to stay safe and improve the life of your vehicle.


Socially-Distant Holiday: How to Celebrate from Your Car
December 18

Texas Auto Center December 2020 Blog If you want to safely spread some holiday cheer, just celebrate the season in your car! We’ve put together a list of some socially-distant activities so you can stay safe and enjoy the holidays responsibly.


How Much Should You Put Down on Your Pre-Owned Vehicle?
November 18

Texas Auto Center Novemeber 2020 Blog When shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, there are a few things to keep in mind. What is your budget? What kind of vehicle are you looking for? Do I need a warranty? Those are all great questions to ask, but one of the most common, and important, questions to ask is, “How much should my down payment be?” If you’re not certain how much you should put down on your next ride, Texas Auto Center is here to help!


Find Your Used Truck or SUV at Texas Auto Center!
October 28

Texas Auto Center October 2020 Blog At Texas Auto Center, we’re known for our 2-year/24,000-mile Limited Warranty, our super-low Down Payments, and our easy approval process. What you might not know is that we have a huge selection of high-quality pre-owned trucks and SUVs! If you shop our two Central Texas Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships, you’ll find a wide selection of road-trip-ready SUVs and plenty of hard-working trucks to choose from.

You Should Shop Texas Auto Center!
September 28
Texas Auto Center September 2020 Blog

Looking for a pre-owned vehicle? That’s great! Buying a used car, truck, or SUV is a great way to get a high-quality ride at a great price. But where should you go to buy your perfect pre-owned? Well, if you want big selection, low down payments, a great warranty, and easy approvals, then Texas Auto Center is for you!


What Kind of Vehicles Can You Find at Texas Auto Center?
August 28
Texas Auto Center August 2020 Blog

When you shop at Texas Auto Center, you expect to find easy credit approval and down payments starting at just $500 down, but you might be surprised by how diverse our inventory is! We have hundreds of vehicles in stock across two Central Texas Buy Here Pay Here stores. Not only do we have a large number of vehicles, we have a huge variety of high-quality pre-owneds.


Time to Trade-In and Buy A Used Car
July 22

Texas Auto Center July 2020 Blog Are you thinking about replacing your current car, truck, or SUV? You have options available to you and questions, too, especially now. That is why at Texas Auto Center, more than ever, we’re open and here for you. We are your local, trusted, and best source in Austin and San Marcos.


Best Takeout Restaurants Near Texas Auto Center Locations
June 12

Texas Auto Center June 2020 Blog Nothing works up an appetite quite like shopping our huge selection of high-quality pre-owned vehicles at Texas Auto Center! If you’re looking for a bite to eat after stopping by one of our stores, check out this list of some of our favorite spots to stop for takeout!


How to Make a Pre-Owned Car Feel Like New
May 27

Clean Your Used Car At Texas Auto Center, we sell cars, trucks, and SUVs that are built to last. We’re so confident in our pre-owned vehicles that we include a 2-Year/24,000-Mile warranty! We want you to be confident that the vehicle you buy from us will be reliable for years to come, so we stand by you long after the sale. If you want to boost the life of your vehicle and keep it feeling and running like new, there are a few simple steps you can take. Just check out our handy guide and see for yourself how easy it can be.


We’re Open and Here to Help!
March 31

We’re Open and Here to Help!

In these uncertain times, we wanted you to know that Texas Auto Center is open and here to help! We have been deemed an essential service and are here for all of your automotive sales, service, and repairs! You can rest assured knowing that Texas Auto Center, your trusted pre-owned vehicle source in Central Texas, is ready to assist you with all of your automotive needs.


Tips for Buying a Used Car with Virtually Any Credit
February 27

Tips for Buying a Used Car with Bad Credit Need a car but your credit has seen better days? Come see us at Texas Auto Center! We have two Central Texas Buy Here Pay Here dealerships that can help you get approved for a great pre-owned vehicle.


Buy Here Pay Here: What Does It Mean?
January 22

What is Buy Here Pay Here If you’re shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, you’ve probably seen the term Buy Here Pay Here come up a few times. If you’re unsure of what it means, we’ve got you covered! We’ll explain what a Buy Here Pay Here dealership is, how it differs from a traditional used car dealership, and illustrate why an Austin Buy Here Pay Here dealership like Texas Auto Center is the right choice for you!


Advantages of Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle
December 20

Texas Auto Center December 2019 Blog At Texas Auto Center, we know a thing or two about high-quality pre-owned vehicles. With two Central Texas used car dealerships and many years of experience, we consider ourselves pre-owned experts. One thing you may not know is that there are actually several advantages to buying a used vehicle over a new one. We’ve put together a handy list of some of the top reasons why buying second-hand should be your first choice!


Robert Blankenship wins NIADA National Quality Dealer of the Year!
June 29

We’re proud to report that Texas Auto Center owner and CEO Robert Blankenship was selected as the National Quality Dealer of the Year by the NIADA in Las Vegas! Robert was chosen from a large group of dealers across the nation by the NIADA (National Independent Automobile Dealers Association) for the honor.

National Quality Dealer of the Year is an award given to a dealer who is committed to quality, excellence, outstanding customer service, and to making a better community. Robert Blankenship has led Texas Auto Center for over 20 years with those precise values in mind.

Our business culture is built on a foundation of respect for our customers and one another and the understanding that we are in business because of our customers,” Blankenship said in his acceptance speech.  “We do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.”

Texas Auto Center salutes you, Robert! Congratulations!

Say Yes To Cool Savings
September 15

Say Yes To Cool Savings!

Breeze into Texas Auto Center today and say YES to cool savings on every vehicle in stock! 

Purchase any car, truck or SUV with as little as THREE HUNDRED DOWN (for a limited time) from Texas Auto Center and we’ll say YES to free oil changes! 

Every car, truck and SUV at Texas Auto Center goes through a rigorous one hundred and twenty-four-point inspection, backed by a free twenty-four month, twenty-four thousand mile warranty. 

And with just a passport, as little as three hundred dollars can deliver right now at Texas Auto Center! 

Texas Auto Center...A Better Place to Buy A Car. 

Used Cars in Austin and San Marcos
August 15

Getting the Car That's Right For You: Texas Auto Center sales professionals and staff are dedicated to making your buying process simple. We know that more and more people are using the web to make smarter decisions, and Texas Auto Center is here to help.


5 Facts About San Marcos, TX
June 01

5 Facts About San Marcos TX!

Located between Austin and San Antonio in Texas Hill Country, San Marcos is on the Interstate 35 corridor and is the seat of Hays County. Here are some facts that may surprise you:

1. The area is thought to be among the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the Americas. 

2. In 2010, San Marcos was listed in Business Week's fourth annual survey of the "Best Places to Raise your Kids."

3. Due in part to its natural beauty, the city was nicknamed "San Marvelous." 

4. For more than 20 years, the San Marcos Performing Arts Commission and the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department have hosted the Summer in the Park concert series with live music at an outdoor venue every Thursday night from June to August.

5. George Strait formed his first band here. 

Can I Get a Warranty on a Used Car at Texas Auto Center?
May 08

Texas Auto Center Used Car Warranty
Free 24 Months / 24,000 Miles With Every Vehicle Purchase Texas Auto Center Warranty

One of the questions we are asked most often is about our 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty. When we created this industry leading program, we wanted Texas Auto Center to be the kind of company that our customers could trust, with the peace of mind knowing that expensive repairs should not be part of the used car buying process...

Read More About Texas Auto Center's 2 Year Warranty

Even without perfect credit, Texas Auto Center can help you find a car
April 24

Texas Auto Center Warranty

Shopping for a used car in Central and South Texas? Don't let your credit history get in the way!


Having a history of bad credit can be the end of the road at most car lots, but not at Texas Auto Center. While most auto dealers use credit scores as a barrier to getting a car, Texas Auto Center is able to get almost anyone into a vehicle. Between our two dealerships in Austin, TX and San Marcos, TX, we have 181 pre-owned vehicles on our lot to choose from, and a service department to make sure they're all in great condition.


How does Texas Auto Center make it easier to finance a used car?


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